Texas Star
Euless - TX

Around $80 Weekend A.M.
Walkability score - 6.5 - walkable but expect hills

Texas Star is a very nice course in the DFW area. Amazing greens, manicured fairways and tee boxes add to the appeal. Great range and practice facility are a great way to warm up or practice if your lucky enough for this to be your home course. 

I’ve played it once before a couple of years ago and It’s just as great as i remembered it.

Tees, fairways, and greens are all in amazing shape. Unlike a number of courses we’ve played this year, their greens and tees have faired really well with all this crazy weather. Tip of the hat to their groundskeeping crew!

The layout is just as great as the conditions. You never double back on holes and while most of them are tree/hazard lined it's pretty forgiving.

For $77 on a weekend morning, you can’t beat it!!

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