A.C. Read GC - NAS
Pensacola - FL

Around $45 w/ Cart - Weekend
Walkability score - 8.5

Only played once during our summer vacation. Good shape for the money. Design is decent with no gimmicky holes and some getable par 5's.

AC Read Golf course is right the on the naval air station of pensacola. Home of the Blue Angels which is are very apparent if you catch a round during a practice.

We summed up AC Read as two things when we left. You either come on a non practice day to golf or you come during a practice day and enjoy some golf but also get a front row seat to the blue angels show. On about hole 12 they took off and let me tell you, our whole group basically stopped keeping score. Your eyes are drawn to the sky and wanting to watch the practice. Struggling, we all managed to keep playing and finish. All we could talk about was the air show. 

AC Read is not a resort style course or even a super nice public course. It's a chance to see a Blue Angel show like never before. If you live there you know, but if you are visiting i strongly recommend seeing a practice while you're there. Just don't go to Fort Pickens ;)

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