Tenison Highlands
Dallas - TX

Around $70 Weekend A.M.
Walkability score - 6.5 - can be pretty hilly at times

The highlands course is a nice course with a good design. 
Greens are usually in pretty good shape but we have seen issues with bunkers and tee boxes in the past.
Driving range leaves some to be desired with matts only and very tight hitting bays which make it uncomfortable to be confident in a full swing.

Walked 18 last night at Tenison Park highlands course. This is the first time we’ve been out to TP this year and it was in really good shape.

Greens & fairways were lush and green. Parts of the rough and some of the tee boxes were a little rough just because the amount of play this place gets. I love playing twilight rounds but often times courses can be worn that time of the day (pick up your feet on the greens, people! 😉)

Often times course layouts can be boring but the highlands course has rolling hills with some interesting hole designs. Fun little track...

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