Woodbridge Golf Club
Wylie - TX

Around $60 - Weekend A.M.
Walkability score - 7 - somewhat long tee-green
Fun quality course near firewheel mall in garland
Nice practice facility and playable design


We got out and played Wood Bridge last night. Woodbridge GC is a nice little track nestled in a neighborhood in Wylie.

The tees, fairways, and rough were all in decent shape. What is truly special about this place is the greens... there are some that are really big and others that force you to hit a good shot into a tiny green. The conditions were great with a lot of undulations... we had a few putts that broke 20+ feet 🤯

Now for the part we didn’t like... the pace of play was horrendous. I don’t usually like to complain about that but we found out they book tee times every 8 minutes... all day. Took us about 3.5 hours to play 13 holes 😔 there were so many singles, twosomes, and threesomes playing by themselves. Each hole had two groups on it. Only other thing was that some of the bunkers are currently being filled with new sand and a lot of the bunkers had 0 sand in them.

The clubhouse is also under renovation after being damaged during the winter storm.

All in all great course, especially for $19. Those greens are some of the best we’ve found in DFW.

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